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The product was designed to suit Micro & Small Business Owners whether to establish their business or to improve an existing business whether it is registered or not registered.


The product is also offered as a tool to improve the clients’ living conditions, with a limit that is described in the following way:

  • A Home Improvement Loan
  • A Durable Goods Purchases Loan
  • An Educational Loan
  • A Healthcare Loan
  • Settling debt such as car installments and registration or maintenance expenses
  • For reasons not listed that are accepted by the bank


Mashrooi Product details

Mashrooi (A)

Mashrooi (B)

Mashrooi (C)

Mashrooi (D)

Loan amounts





Percentage of Monthly Administration Fees

1.7% / month

1.6% / month

1.5% / month

1.4% / month

Repayment Period

24 months

30 months

36 months

36 months

Grace period Fees

No. of days (grace period since check disbursal)/360*loan amount*interest%

Payment Date

The 25th of each month

Grant Commission

Amount of loan

From every monthly installment beginning from check disbursal.

1,100 – 1,999 JD


2,000- 5,000 JD



The percentage reaches 0.003 daily from the amount of the loan and/or due installments from each day of delay at a minimum of 1JD a day from every day of delay from paying an installment or part of an installment at the due date.

Age of client / guarantor

18-65 years

Gender of client

Male or Female

Added Value Services

Compensation for loss of customer income during hospitalization.

Payment options

NMB Branches


Commercial Banks (Housing Bank & Jordan Kuwait Bank)

NMB Mobile App.