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The product targets Micro Business Owners that are home based and not in need of registration or complex procedures to establish. Furthermore, the product suits youth who choose to establish businesses and enter the market.


The product is also offered as a tool to improve the clients’ living conditions in the following ways:

  • A Home Improvement Loan
  • A Durable Goods Purchases Loan
  • An Educational Loan
  • A Healthcare Loan
  • Settling debt such as car installments and registration or maintenance expenses
  • For reasons not listed that are accepted by the bank

Loan amounts

200-1,000 JD

Repayment Period

200-599 JD

15 months

600 – 1,000 JD

20 months

Percentage of Monthly Administration Fees


Grace period Fees

No. of days (grace period since check disbursal )/360*loan amount*interest%

Payment Date

The 25th of each month

Grant Commission

1JD from every monthly installment beginning from check disbursal.


The percentage reaches 0.003 daily from the amount of the loan and/or due installments from each day of delay at a minimum of 1JD a day from every day of delay from paying an installment or part of an installment at the due date.

Target Audience

Home business owners or independent business owners whether registered or not registered that are considered small or micro businesses.

Age of client / guarantor

18-65 years

Gender of client

Male & Female

Added Value Services

Compensation for loss of customer income during hospitalization.

Payment options

NMB Branches


Commercial Banks (Housing Bank & Jordan Kuwait Bank)

NMB Mobile App.