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About Us

“National Microfinance Bank is a private company that offers financial services to small business owners, promotes the Micro Finance culture to people and participates in any activities that serve the main purpose it was established for.

The bank aims to help the national strategy to solve poverty and unemployment succeed by improving the incomes of small business owners in Jordan especially women and youth.  As well as improve their living circumstances by offering financial services that suits every segment. 

The idea of establishing “Al Watani” is part of an initiative of his Highness Prince Talal Bin Abdulaziz to establish banks to finance small business owners in the Arab world that her Royal Highness Queen Rania Al Abdullah adopted; and “Al Watani” was established in Jordan through a partnership between the King Abdullah II fund for development, the Arab Gulf Fund for the support of United Nations development programs (AGFUND) and private contributors. During which the Jordanian government made a temporary law number 53 in May 2003 as a base to register the bank in the Ministry of Industry and Trade; based on this law “Al Watani” was registered as a private company on 15/07/2004 while work began on 27/03/2006 in three branches Wehdat, Zarqa and Karak.”

Al Watani’s Vision

To be an organization that employs financial inclusion to provide optimal solutions to its clients towards a permanent improvement to their livelihood.

Al Watani’s Message

To work as a development organization seeking to invest its capacity and potentials in a balanced manner through applying the best practices in microfinancing domain and to be committed to continue enhancing in order to achieve a comprehensive model for financial inclusion to be applied for the benefit of current and potential microfinance services’ clients , mainly owners of existing and under foundation micro and small income generating enterprises, to provide them with the necessary financial and non-financial services to allow them to improve their businesses and to seize the opportunities available to them, and to provide financial services for segments excluded from conventional commercial and banking services in a manner leads to empowering them socially and economically.

Al Watani’s Goals
  • To offer a variety of financial services parallel to the different and growing needs of our current and prospective clients that rely on effective communication and constant feedback.
  • Employ modern technologies that improve the price and efficiency of financial products offered to customers.
  • Focus on the social return of all activities and initiatives from different administrations.
  • Develop Non-Financial Services that support borrowers’ projects to escalate performance financially and technically.
  • Continue achieving excellent financial scores and the generous administration of the Bank’s operational expenses.
  • Invest in human resources by offering training and occupational raises.
  • Cooperate effectively on the local, regional and international level.